Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Revenant - Movie Review

I just walked out of the theatre to my car after seeing The Revenant.  It's 3 degrees outside, but after watching this film it felt like I was walking on freaking sunshine on a beach in Hawaaii.  The movie is so cold.  Holy shit, what an intense and awesome movie.  The eyes.

Everything around me seems ridiculous right now.  Of course these feelings and thoughts will fade very soon.  But after almost two and a half hours of cold and suffering and vast nothingness, every material object surounding me seems ridiculous and absolutely frivolous.  I love it.  I love a movie that forces me to look at my life in a different way.

I remember watching a few interviews with Michael Keaton after Birdman came out. He could not stop raving about Alejandro González Iñárritu.  While I liked really liked Birdman I didn't quite understand. Now I do. The eyes.  He's able to absolutely capture life, humans and animals, with nonly a camera and the pupils of the eyes. Incredible.

The acting is amazing, and everyone is saying this and please to be finally be giving Leo the Oscar already!  I'm still bitter he didn't get it for The Aviator.  Tom Hardy is equally incredible as is all the supporting cast.

Go go go see this in the theatre. It will not be the same if you watch in your stupid living room on Netflix or whatever.  Just go.  The closing scene....ach!  He looked at us. He looked into us.

I hope you enjoy/enjoyed it as much as me.  Let me know.

Recommendation:  go see!, must see in theatre

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sicario - Movie Review


OK, my bias for the smoking hot Benicio Del Toro may color this review a little.  That being said, he was excellent in this film.  He plays Alajendro - a mysterious, smoldering bad ass named Alejandro.  Emily Blunt plays Kate Macer and she also did a great job.  For some reason I guess people don't like her, I'm not sure why.  If you don't like her, comment below and tell me why.

The score is soooooooo sooo good.  The cue used when they enter in Mexico created by Jóhann Jóhannsson is so fucking creepy. It's perfection, and it's the best cue I've heard since Hans Zimmer's Joker cue.  Take a listen for yourself, do you agree?

The cinematography, by Roger Deakins, is stunning. The story was well written (Taylor Sheridan) and directed (Denis Villeneuve) in a way that made it possible for the audience to grasp a problem that is much too complicated to explain in a 2 hour movie.  My favorite quote from the film was when Kate asks Alejandro to explain what is going on the border with the cartel and Alajandro replies "You are asking how a watch works, when you should just mind the time".  The film did an excellent job of following this by showing just enough for us to understand.

Recommendation:  see it!

More information on Sicario (2015) at IMDB

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Joy - Movie Review

This film was MESS.  I almost walked out, it was that bad.

It's billed as a comedy and drama, but this ain't no comedy.  It was grueling.  Most of Joy's family was nasty and boring.  The characters were badly developed and just plain odd. Joy wasn't mean, but she was definately boring through most of the film. I'm not a big Jennifer Lawrence fan, but I do think she's a fairly charismatic person. There's only one scene in the entire movie where I was drawn in and it was at the very end of the movie.

The movie opened with this faux soap opera scene which went on forever. Then they kept going back to this weird, faux soap opera through out the movie (pictured below). For the life of me I can't figure why. None of it tied into the story, it wasn't funny, I just didn't get it.  I will avoid any movie directed by Adam McKay in the future, that I can tell you. Ok, I'm getting annoyed having to even think about this movie so I'm going to end this review.  Do you think this movie sucked, too? Or am I missing something? Can you explain the odd use of the soap opera? Comment below!

Recommendation: so bad you may walk out

More information on Joy (2015) at IMDB

Bridge Of Spies - Movie Review

Bridge of Spies is one of the better films I saw this year.  Since I saw this over a month ago, this review will be skimpy becuase I don't remember a lot. It did start a little slow, but after that it flowed well. It's a Spielberg film, so that's no surprise. The man knows how to tell a story.  My mom was a little disappointed with Tom Hanks. I thought he was good, but after having just watched Forrest Gump and Cast Away within the last week, I will agree that it was not one his best.  But, this was a very subdued character so that should be noted.

What do you think?  Do you think Hanks mailed it a little like my mom does?

Recommendation:  if you like dramas, it's worth seeing

More information on Bridge of Spies (2015) at IMDB

Holiday Movie Run Goal - Complete!

All right! I just finished my holiday movie run goal - 8 movies in a month - I figure it's a good time to start up my Movie Review site again. I was doing this about 10 years ago with my old website, but somewhere I lost interest.  Now I have a blog, so I'm going to start back up and see how it goes.