Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bridge Of Spies - Movie Review

Bridge of Spies is one of the better films I saw this year.  Since I saw this over a month ago, this review will be skimpy becuase I don't remember a lot. It did start a little slow, but after that it flowed well. It's a Spielberg film, so that's no surprise. The man knows how to tell a story.  My mom was a little disappointed with Tom Hanks. I thought he was good, but after having just watched Forrest Gump and Cast Away within the last week, I will agree that it was not one his best.  But, this was a very subdued character so that should be noted.

What do you think?  Do you think Hanks mailed it a little like my mom does?

Recommendation:  if you like dramas, it's worth seeing

More information on Bridge of Spies (2015) at IMDB

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