Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sicario - Movie Review


OK, my bias for the smoking hot Benicio Del Toro may color this review a little.  That being said, he was excellent in this film.  He plays Alajendro - a mysterious, smoldering bad ass named Alejandro.  Emily Blunt plays Kate Macer and she also did a great job.  For some reason I guess people don't like her, I'm not sure why.  If you don't like her, comment below and tell me why.

The score is soooooooo sooo good.  The cue used when they enter in Mexico created by Jóhann Jóhannsson is so fucking creepy. It's perfection, and it's the best cue I've heard since Hans Zimmer's Joker cue.  Take a listen for yourself, do you agree?

The cinematography, by Roger Deakins, is stunning. The story was well written (Taylor Sheridan) and directed (Denis Villeneuve) in a way that made it possible for the audience to grasp a problem that is much too complicated to explain in a 2 hour movie.  My favorite quote from the film was when Kate asks Alejandro to explain what is going on the border with the cartel and Alajandro replies "You are asking how a watch works, when you should just mind the time".  The film did an excellent job of following this by showing just enough for us to understand.

Recommendation:  see it!

More information on Sicario (2015) at IMDB

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