Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Revenant - Movie Review

I just walked out of the theatre to my car after seeing The Revenant.  It's 3 degrees outside, but after watching this film it felt like I was walking on freaking sunshine on a beach in Hawaaii.  The movie is so cold.  Holy shit, what an intense and awesome movie.  The eyes.

Everything around me seems ridiculous right now.  Of course these feelings and thoughts will fade very soon.  But after almost two and a half hours of cold and suffering and vast nothingness, every material object surounding me seems ridiculous and absolutely frivolous.  I love it.  I love a movie that forces me to look at my life in a different way.

I remember watching a few interviews with Michael Keaton after Birdman came out. He could not stop raving about Alejandro González Iñárritu.  While I liked really liked Birdman I didn't quite understand. Now I do. The eyes.  He's able to absolutely capture life, humans and animals, with nonly a camera and the pupils of the eyes. Incredible.

The acting is amazing, and everyone is saying this and please to be finally be giving Leo the Oscar already!  I'm still bitter he didn't get it for The Aviator.  Tom Hardy is equally incredible as is all the supporting cast.

Go go go see this in the theatre. It will not be the same if you watch in your stupid living room on Netflix or whatever.  Just go.  The closing scene....ach!  He looked at us. He looked into us.

I hope you enjoy/enjoyed it as much as me.  Let me know.

Recommendation:  go see!, must see in theatre

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